Into Year 42 and still operational - Keep GB3SP and all 'wireless' repeaters active to ensure a secure future. Lack of interest, complacency and low activity will see their decline and we will surely miss them. Thank you for your support.  

Welcome to the GB3SP UHF System Fusion repeater, which has been on the air since 1978. Over the years many changes have been made to the equipment, aerials and building. See HISTORY page.

GB3SP now provides both analogue FM and digital C4FM voice communications, also Wires X internet linked services. Enhanced receiver sensitivity, by state of the art low gain pre-amplification, filtering and optimised RF attenuation, ensures even the weakest signals can communicate effectively. Automatic Mode Selection (AMS) caters for analogue and digital voice users. 

It is requested of all users that they make use of the repeater in a courteous and unselfish manner, in the 'true spirit of amateur radio' and remembering that where stations can hear each other easily by direct communications, then a move to a simplex channel is to be desired. Wires X linking to other Nodes, Repeaters and Rooms must be disconnected, on completion of a QSO or brief learning session.   

To state the obvious, the repeater is a radio communication relay service provided to extend geographical coverage for all Amateur Radio  stations.Priority must always be given to mobile and QRP portable stations. It should be understood, that the repeater is not to be used as a remote listening only receiver when Wires X linked to other parts of the country or indeed the world. 

Please disconnect from Wires X Room or Node, using the appropriate button for your particular model of radio. Other stations may want to use the repeater at a time when it is serving no useful purpose. It was nicknamed the 'Gentleman's Repeater' a long time ago by one of our user friends. Thank you for your co-operation, which ensures we can all enjoy the service GB3SP provides and for the benefit of the hobby we love. 

Finally, please do not use the GM (Group Monitor) function when using the repeater, it is a feature appropriate for use on simplex channels only. It causes annoyance and unnecessary wear and tear of repeater hardware, thus increasing the probability of faults and loss of service..Thank you for your compliance.

Please use GB3SP and enjoy.

As with the repeater itself, this website is an ongoing project and provided for the information of anyone interested in GB3SP. You need to check in regularly and see changes as they arise. If you have any questions or comments about  the information contained herein or indeed have anything pertinent to add, then please use the CONTACT page or email me, QTHR (see GW3XJQ - QRZ.COM) 

Website pages updated 29 Jan 2020, Wires X Status daily (xjq)

Where the signals arrive and depart
The tower and three colinear aerials ensure reliable and extensive radio coverage, for even the weakest long distance stations. But the work goes on and even after more than 40 years, further development work and improvements are in planning.